ADMIRALL is a rapidly growing real estate investment group.

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Admirall 7 is a company operating in the field of land development, i.e. comprehensive acquisition and preparation of land from equity and investors' capital, for sale and investment for retail clients, developers and investment funds. We co-found an investment group that includes strategic and private equity partners.

Admirall 7 has established a partnership with one of the largest investment banks, which brings together more than 200 funds from the US and Australia.

We are a representative in Poland for the implementation of equity partners in real estate projects and deal structuring.

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We are engaged in the purchase and subsequent legal status of land, including through the preparation of the necessary documentation, obtaining permits or amendments to local zoning plans in three specialties: logistics, hotel and residential, including the construction of apartments with a rental option.

land development

Land development

is a process involving comprehensive preparation of land for investment (purchase-sale transaction) for the final recipient (Developer, Fund, Investor), in a transparent manner and without unnecessary formal and legal processes, so that the client can proceed to finalize its investments.

Admirall 7 is a professional and experienced land developer that will prepare for you a tailored, great product in the form of land ready for purchase and prepared for development for a specific type of facility (hotel, apartments, logistics).According to data from the latest UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) report, Poland leads the attractiveness of the investment market in the region and is in the TOP 3 in the European Union.

Admirall provides a kind of "business vehicle"

Our investment group handles the entire end to end investment process in an easy, transparent and fast way, i.e. from the purchase of land to obtaining a legally valid GNP (building permit). Thanks to the experience of our staff and partners, including lawyers, planners, urban planners and designers, as well as analysts and auditors, Admirall 7 minimizes possible risks for investors who decide to purchase land only when the legal status of the site is fully sorted out.

Our lands

We invest in attractively located land with high commercial potential. We have land in our land bank in Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Cracow, Bytom, Belchatow, among others. Our specialists also conduct activities in the purchase of foreign properties. Many years of experience allows us to efficiently buy land and carry out the entire investment process in consultation with developers and investment funds from both Poland and abroad.

We are currently proceeding with more than a dozen logistics, residential and retail projects in areas within our land bank.


The heart of any successful company is its people: competent and passionate. This has also been the case at Admirall 7 from the beginning. It is thanks to the many years of experience of the company's management and the large number of investment and construction projects carried out in previous projects, as well as thorough knowledge, including in the field of law, that Admirall 7 can fully meet the expectations of even the most demanding sellers and buyers of land.

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Michał Oskroba

CEO, founder of Admirall
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Adam Siermiński

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Dariusz Gałęzki